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Enchanted Play - Design, Make, Install - Incredible Style

Enchanted design and manufacture creative timber structures for the Holiday parks, Schools, Parks, Zoos and more. Making Holiday Lodges, Treehouses, Glamping Pods, Playground equipment.

Enchanteds creativity and technical knowledge allows our designs to have limitless possibilities in style and material. We listen hard to the client and grip every comment made, growing few words into a CAD concept design. Enchanteds ability to grasp what the client wants and enhance that expectation in the design and subsequent magnificent building.

The Hobbit and Hobbette styles are designed to appeal to glampers who want something a little different, that would feature well and stand out in the many web advertising portals.
Enchanted Hobbits are based around the iconic round doors with huge chunky hinges and the round windows to add a touch of theme to any site.
With a huge set of options the dwellings can be made into 2,3 4 birth pods, delivered complete to site. Ready to use the same day!

Bespoke Lodges
Designing a building is about blending and harmonising with the environment, to make a real tribute to its surroundings, well that’s the ethos of our designer chief, Brad Smith. “It’s about absorbing everything around the location, understanding the space and it’s history, then dreaming up a possibility”.
Enchanteds bespoke service is complete from the initial conversation right through to completion, every aspect planned and executed with precision making a streamlined methodical process.

Play areas                                                              From initial the initial discussions and site survey we are able to design your possibility, if a play area, playhouse, ship, treehouse or themed structure.
Most of our structures are preconstructed in our Buckinghamshire factory, delivered and installed as one or in sections.
Material choice, budget, design, scope all has an impact on the finish item, our excellent material and technical knowledge with a lateral approach allows for an optimal design and material choice.

A taste of Enchanted Play



Glamping Pods

Free consultation

Enchanteds consultation starts with a free site visit, to discuss the project in more detail, to review the site location, to understand access onto site and the general methods.
Often clients ask for advice unknowing what is possible and available to them. Our designers are skilled at absorbing every detail expressed by the client, offering advice all the way. With the understanding of the location, the environment, a list of ‘likes and wants; where Enchanteds creativity can design a fantastic plan for you.

"Hobbit and Hobbette Pods      - off the peg & ready to go..."